Terms and Conditions

When you work with Special Writings, we presume that you are agreed to the following terms and conditions;

  1. The website serves as an initial way of contact for the consumer in order to ascertain a suitable writer.
  2. We maintain the right to decline to work with any customer for a specific reason, but you will be given a full refund in such instance.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse a customer’s request if the suggested delivery time or price is unsatisfactory or inappropriate.
  4. Only after the appropriate amount of payment (65% of the total fee) is made during the specified period, the request for writing will be approved and processed further.
  5. After both parties have confirmed the agreement, it is irreversible to again demand changing the delivery time when the writer is uncomfortable.
  6. If payment is not received in a timely manner, the order may be cancelled after notification or the final work may be delayed.
  7. Before making payment, the customer is needed to provide clear directions and instructions. Failure to do so and later imposing unreasonable or contradictory conditions may result in the order being cancelled or delayed.
  8. If the demands made after the agreement are substantial and time-consuming, an additional cost may be incurred, and the delivery date may be shifted.
  9. Wherever it is required, value-added tax is specified with the fees.
  10. If the customer chooses to pay in instalments, they should be aware that the service may be delayed unless the whole payment is received before the due date.
  11. There is an underlying understanding that these terms and conditions will be legally binding on all parties involved.